Using PPC Campaigns to Increase Site Traffic and Maximize ROI

Author: Chris Kullar

Optimizing PPC campaigns means the marketer has to judiciously balance growing the number of site visitors with the effective purchase of keywords to ensure that ROI does not drop in response to an increase in traffic.

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20 jan

SysIQ Grows Partnership with SamAsh: Performance Optimization, Website Design and Usability

Expanding, long-tern partnership generates enhancements that improve site design, usability, and boosts sales. After successfully improving SamAsh.com’s uptime to 99.99% and decreasing page download times to less than three seconds, SysIQ Inc. has expanded its relationship with Sam Ash Music to include site redesign work, search engine optimization, application development, and hosting.

Posted by SysIQ

14 feb

Search Engine Optimization Key Performance Indicators

It goes without saying that everyone with content on the web wants to achieve the best search engine results possible, be it a blog, a business, or an ecommerce website, but the question of how to track your progress can be difficult to unravel. The following article takes a look at various key performance indicators (KPIs) relative to search engine optimization (SEO) that are important for ecommerce websites.

Posted by Arturas Kvederis

03 nov

11 Common SEO Mistakes Retail Ecommerce Websites Make

Recent research done by Internet Retailer shows that for 47% of retail businesses, more than 25% of their web sales come from search engine marketing and these marketing budgets have been increasing steadily over recent years. Simple SEO mistakes might lead to drastic negative consequences for retail businesses – drop in search engine ranking, traffic decrease or even search engine ban from index in some cases.

Posted by Arturas Kvederis

15 nov

11 SEO Tips for Ecommerce Websites

Statistics show that almost 90% of potential ecommerce website customers use Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing when making purchases online. What is even more important is that the vast majority of the users don't make it off the first two pages of the search engine results before clicking. SEO is critical for anyone doing business online - search engine visibility and high organic search engine rankings are critical for the success of your ecommerce business.

Posted by Arturas Kvederis